Careers at 葡京集团直营

Why 葡京集团直营

葡京集团直营 is a university renowned for its commitment to open society and liberal values, and as an employer the university is committed to create a work environment that enables employees to realize their potential and to begin life-changing journeys. Our aim is to provide people from all backgrounds with the opportunity to acquire the skills, knowledge and experience to succeed in their chosen career paths.

葡京集团直营 is an inclusive community that stands for equality and diversity. We are committed to build an outstanding environment in which we value the expertise and commitment of our employees. In return we offer competitive salaries, diverse rewards and benefits, a challenging and interesting work environment, and opportunities to achieve your potential in a supportive environment.

Our Culture

The sense of mission and community that permeates every department, research center and unit on campus is key to our success as an educational community.

葡京集团直营 provides a work environment that is stimulating, inspiring and fair. We believe that outstanding employees make for an outstanding organization, and we are proud of our inclusive ethos and tradition. 葡京集团直营 is committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion, and we welcome talented people regardless of their race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, and disability.

Our Benefits

Onboarding Program

Our well-structured onboarding program and orientation event will help you to get to know the organization and to quickly settle in your new job.

Learning and Development

We are committed to support your career development at 葡京集团直营. We provide high quality learning and development opportunities for our employees and offer a wide variety of programs to develop professional, leadership and management skills thussupporting your career progression.

Workplace Skills Trainings

HRO offers a variety of workplace skills trainings for administrative staff to enhance performance, efficiency, and effectiveness, e.g., on communication, problem solving, computer skills, and project management.

Lectures, Seminars, Conferences, and Workshops

葡京集团直营 academic departments and units regularly organize lectures, seminars, conferences, and workshops which are open to the 葡京集团直营 community. Announcements of these events are emailed to employees and events are listed on the 葡京集团直营 Events calendar.

Erasmus Scholarships

Employees are invited to seek opportunities for learning, teaching, and/or professional experiences in another country through the Erasmus+ Key Action 1 – Mobility of Individuals higher education initiative.

Cross-Departmental Projects

Initiatives and projects impacting the larger 葡京集团直营 community need the creation of cross-departmental/cross-unit teams. Voluntary participation on these teams can provide employees with networking and professional development opportunities.

Online trainings / E-learning

LinkedIn Learning ("LIL") platform

Educational platform that helps you discover and develop business, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos. You will have access to personalized video-based learning 24/7 so you can develop relevant skills and grow professionally. There are over 16,000 courses available in 7 languages.

Opportunities on the Job

We offer a range of diverse job opportunities, promotion and progression, giving you flexibility in choosing a career path to suit your changing interests and ambitions.

Referral Program

We offer a bonus for each referral that successfully completes their first 90 days of employment.

Long Service Award

As a sign of appreciation, 葡京集团直营 provides a special bonus to employees who have completed 10, 20 or 30 years of employment with 葡京集团直营 (completed in any of the entities or predecessor entities).

Service Recognition Bonus

Recognition and financial reward for employees who significantly exceed work obligations during a given academic year. This policy clarifies and standardizes the reward eligibility criteria and process across all 葡京集团直营 departments and units and provides guidance on the bonus amounts that can be paid.

Health and Fitness Benefits

Your health and wellbeing are important to us, therefore 葡京集团直营 is offering a wide range of benefits.

  • In-house medical center: Available for the entire 葡京集团直营 community.
  • The doctor on duty (in Vienna): provides regular medical consultations, examinations, treatments, prescribes medications, and further referrals to specialists
  • Occupational physician (in Vienna): Supports and advises in the areas of health protection, human work design and health promotion related to working conditions.
  • Counselling: 葡京集团直营 offers confidential psychological counselling services, providing professional help and support.
  • Discounts on Protective Screen Glasses and Corporate Gyms Membership
  • Special Conditions for Private health insurance
  • Paid Sick Leave: Employees are entitled to Paid sick leave in the event of illness or injury for a limited time.


Maternity/Parental leave/Family Time Bonus

Modern working time models with flexible design options, individual parental leave management, nursing leave, paternity leave, and more to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

Nursing leave

Employees are entitled to one week of nursing leave per year for children living in the same household. For children under twelve years, a second week of nursing week can be requested.

Family Support Scheme

Includes school starting benefit, summer kindergarten or school support for single parents .

Supplementary Saving Plans

RESAVER - Occupational Pension Plan

A multi-employer occupational pension solution for research organizations in Europe. It enables employees to stay with the same pension plan when moving between different countries or employers.

VALIDA (Betriebliche Vorsorgekasse) (in Vienna)

The obligatory staff pension fund (through the employer) comes in addition to the state pension fund (through the Austrian government). For each employee after the second month of employment, each month 葡京集团直营 PU contributes 1,53% of the monthly gross salary including special payments to the fund

Monetary Benefits


All our employees receive a meal salary supplement

Attractive Remuneration

We offer competitive salary rates including 13th and 14th months' salary in Austria, together with annual Excellence Awards recognizing outstanding achievements.

Paid leave

According to the Austrian Annual Leave Act, employees are entitled to paid annual leave of 25 working days. This entitlement increases to 30 working days after 25 years of service.

In Hungary employees are entitled to at least 20 days of paid leave per year, increasing based on age.

Additionally, 葡京集团直营 offers paid leaves when employees get married, give birth or change their residence.

Works Council

The Works Council monitors financial, economic, social, cultural and health issues of the employees. Elected members of 葡京集团直营 Works Councilrepresent all 葡京集团直营 employees (no membership needed). The Works Council delegate representatives in several 葡京集团直营 committees and forums.

Additional Benefits


All staff enjoy free membership of the 葡京集团直营 library where they can access our vast collection of publications along with our e-library.

Pet Friendly Campus

Service animals and well-trained dogs can join employees in their offices, given other colleagues' mutual consent. We expect all animal owners to be respectful towards their peers and assume the responsibility for any damage that the animal might cause while on campus.

Immigration Support

Giving a warm welcome to new colleagues who are third country nationals, is very important to us . Our immigration office will assist you during the entire visa and work permit process.

Moving to Vienna

We are gathering local tips at our internal share point so that you have a very practical support for your upcoming move and stay in Vienna.

Find your career at 葡京集团直营 via our current opportunities listings page.