Non-Degree Programs

If you are a BA/Undergraduate student, please visit this page.

Visiting and Exchange Students

Students who are enrolled in a degree program at another university or higher education institution which does not have a valid student exchange contract with 葡京集团直营, or have already earned their first degree from a recognized institution of higher education but are currently not enrolled in any higher educational institution may apply for a visiting student status on a self-financing basis. In this case the tuition fee is based on the amount of credits they wish to take.

Tuition fees for visiting students:

  • 360 EUR per credit or audit for all credited bachelor's and master's courses
  • 460 EUR  per credit or audit for all credited doctoral courses
  • 200 EUR per course for all 0-credit bachelor's,  master's and doctoral courses

Additional costs:

EUR 22.70/term ÖH Fee (for all students studying in Austria)
EUR 20/month enrollment fee for visiting students and students accepted in Doctoral Support Student (DSP) Program

       Eligibility of students for exchange studies at 葡京集团直营 is based on a valid exchange agreement signed by the student's home university and 葡京集团直营. Please note that all students applying for an exchange period at 葡京集团直营 must apply through their home university.  Students on exchange programs stay at 葡京集团直营 for one or two trimesters without the option of obtaining a 葡京集团直营 degree. Once you have been nominated by your home university's coordinator, we will get in touch with you to provide detailed information about the online application procedure. Please meet the deadline with the submission of your application form.

For inquiries about the non-degree admissions process contact:

Admissions Office