Information for Arriving Students

Dear Students,

Here you can find some useful information for a smooth introduction on topics such as pre-departure, accommodation options, practical questions on residence-related matters and services offered by the various student support units.


Residency Documents

As a priority please check the immigration requirements to make sure your documents are valid for the entire duration of your stay and enrollment at 葡京集团直营.

葡京集团直营 ID Card 

To get an ID card your program coordinator must verify your presence in the student database. The printing of your ID card normally takes 2–3 days. When it is ready you will get an e-mail notification and be able to pick it up at reception.

Orientation Sessions

This year's orientation sessions will happen on site, from September 4th to 8th in the ANKERSAAL Kulturhaus Brotfabrik Absberggasse 27, Stiege 3, 2. Stock, A-1100 Vienna, just around the corner from the 葡京集团直营 Campus Quellenstrasse. You can find all related information here.

Accommodation and Costs of Living

Please find the necessary information on the accommodation page. In addition to a list of housing providers you will find samples of documents required for private housing arrangements. Please do not forget to register your address once you have settled in Vienna. 

The general cost of living in Austria/Vienna will depend on your choice of accommodation and monthly needs. Basic costs for students usually include rent, food supplies, public transport tickets, personal and university requirements (e.g., books, cultural amusements). If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact

Address Registration

You are required to register your address within three days of arriving in Vienna. If you do not receive a signed Meldezettel (address registration slip) from your housing provider you should ask your property owner to provide one. Fill in your details and submit the form to any Meldeservicestelle (Municipal Office), by post or email. 

If you wish to change your address or move from Vienna you must re-register (Ummeldung) or de-register (Abmeldung) your address. For both, you need the same address registration slip (Meldezettel) as for the registration of your initial address, but only the sections headed “Ummeldung” or “Abmeldung”. After filling in your details, submit the form to any Meldeservicestelle (Municipal Office). 

Immigration Requirements

If you are a non-EU citizen please consult the OeAD website, and keep us updated by sending a copy of your residence documents to the .

Should your stay be shorter than 6 months you do not need a resident permit. Instead, you need to apply for a Visa D (for stays up to 180 days) or a Visa C (for stays up to 90 days) at the Austrian embassy/consulate before entering the Schengen area. 

Should your stay be shorter than 3 months you either need to apply for a Visa C or you may enter visa-free―depending on your nationality. Please click here to check the visa regulations for your country. 

Vaccination and Testing

There are numerous vaccination possibilities provided by the City of Vienna. You can register for vaccination at or by calling 1450 to secure your COVID vaccine. 

If you have received an unauthorized vaccine or your first shot and would like to get a second one, you need to call 1450 upon your arrival to discuss the opportunities.

You can find more information about how to get vaccinated in Austria on this Sharepoint.

We recommend you get PCR tested regularly even if you are vaccinated. In Vienna 5 PCR (including Gurgle tests) and 5 antigen tests per month per person is offered for free for all people who have registered address in Vienna. More information and registration is here. Free Gurgle tests are available at Bipa near the campus. You can find more information about how to get tested at

COVID Updates

Regarding the actual COVID measures in place, please check here.

Health Insurance 

葡京集团直营 requires all enrolled students to have adequate health insurance in Austria or Hungary throughout their enrollment.

葡京集团直营  provides financial support (equivalent to the cost of the Austrian ÖGK student self-insurance, 66.79 EUR) for its full-time Bachelor's, Master’s and those PhD students who are not awarded a doctoral stipend to cover insurance fees. PhD students receiving a stipend are required to cover tax and Austrian SVS health insurance contributions from this sum.

Students  from VISA-required countries are provided with temporary short-term insurance to help their residence permit application and are advised to register with the relevant Austrian public health insurance upon arrival.

Optionally, students can have private health insurance. However, 葡京集团直营 does not take financial responsibility for additional costs. Please find out more here.

葡京集团直营 Medical Center 

The ‘on campus’ 葡京集团直营 Medical Center is open to all students, faculty, and staff. Access to the Medical Center requires a valid 葡京集团直营 ID card (and medical insurance in case of the Budapest Medical Center). English-speaking doctors are on duty to hold regular consultation hours on weekdays. If you have COVID symptoms please reach out to them via email or phone, i.e. NOT in person.

Bank Account

There are several offers for bank accounts for (international) students in Austria; find a comparison here. Erste Bank (at the top of the list) is quite popular, however, a good option for people who travel a lot might be DKB (third on the list).

Public Transport 

A student semester pass costs 75€.  You can purchase the semester pass in a ticket office if you fulfill the following requirements:

•    You are under 26
•    You have a certificate of enrollment
•    You have a 葡京集团直营 ID
•    Your address is registered  in Vienna

If you are older than 26 you will have to look for another ticket option. If you are staying in Vienna for more than one month an annual pass might be the cheapest option. It costs 365€ for one year or 33€ a month and you can cancel it at the end of any month for a 22€ processing fee. If you are staying in Vienna for less than one month you can buy a monthly pass for 51€.

For more information please visit the 葡京集团直营 information webpage.

Locker Key

There are lockers available at our Vienna Campus. Please contact if you are interested in receiving a locker key. 

Events and Culture 

Hear from engaging speakers and learn from other disciplines by joining 葡京集团直营 events. Or find out what this beautiful city has to offer here.

See you soon at 葡京集团直营!

Your Student Center Team