Information for Leaving Students

Information for Leaving Students

Before leaving 葡京集团直营, graduating students must complete all the steps outlined in the Leaving Process and resolve any pending administrative matters. Non-degree students who complete their studies at various times during the academic year (e.g. exchange / visiting / Erasmus students) also need to make sure they complete the process once their study period ended. 

Please note that Graduation Certificates and Diplomas will only be available after the completion of:

1. Academic Requirements set by each Department

All 葡京集团直营 BA and MA theses and PhD dissertations  must be electronically submitted - in their final version - to the ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) database and an 未绑定 hard copy must be submitted to the department which will be then bound by and stored at the Library. (Further, bound hard copies might also be required by the department.) All submitted and defended documents are made publicly available through the 葡京集团直营 Library's theses catalog. Restriction of public access to the electronic thesis may be requested according to the relevant regulations. PhD dissertations will be lodged with and made available through the Austrian National Library too. You can find more information about the ETD on this Sharepoint (accessible from active student MS O365 accounts).

2. Submission of the Graduation Form (in eVision, submission deadline: May 19, 2023)

To access the Graduation Form, please log in to SITS after consulting the manual. Please note that filling out the graduation form is a precondition for your graduation, and failure to submit the form will result in the withholding of your diploma!

3. Completion of the Leaving Form (in eVision)

All graduating students must complete the online leaving procedure before their departure from 葡京集团直营. The Leaving Form is part of this process and it is open for all graduating students. The Leaving Procedure will be open 30 days before the enrollment end date – when an automatic email notification will be sent from SITS. Please do not wait until the last moment and allow at least five (5) working days for administrative units to review the form. To access the Leaving Form, please log in to SITS after  consulting the manual.

General Deposits (paid at the start of your studies) will only be reimbursed after the Leaving Form has been completed.

Leaving Process

The Leaving Process generally starts 30 days before the student’s enrollment end date. An email notification will be sent to the students, and this triggers a notice to all relevant 葡京集团直营 units to update their part.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large number of graduating students, please allow administrators a few working days to review the Leaving form.

Students in the meantime should settle any potential outstanding issues, such as:

  • paying tuition/enrollment fees to the Finance Office, 
  • returning any borrowed items to the Library, to the Community Engagement Office, to the Student Center 或者它,  
  • submitting travel/research grant reports to the Grants Office,
  • completing the de-registration process in Austria,  
  • submitting a Hungarian degree authorization form (if eligible for Hungarian diploma) to the Student Records Office  
  • submitting the Austrian Exit Survey. 

How to return borrowed items to the Library?

Books can be returned to the Libraries both in Vienna and in Budapest through the self-service machines.

How to return Austrian locker keys and other equipment borrowed from the Student Center? 

Students are advised to return their locker key as well as other equipment borrowed by the Student Center (such as bikes, ping pong bats, etc.) to the Vienna Student Center, B601 ( 1100 Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51). Please visit us during our opening hours 从密苏里州-Fr 1pm 4 pm. 

How to complete the de-registration process?
According to Austrian law students should de-register their address before leaving Austria. Students failing to do so, may risk a fine of up to 726 EUR. For further information click here.

Students planning to stay further in Austria  at the same address do not have to de- or re-register their address. But you should still confirm in eVision that you have read and understood the information.

To confirm that you have understood the de-registration process please in eVision - go to the 'My student page - Administrative'/ 'My Details' section, and look for the ‘Austrian Address De-registration' tile - that you have understood the Austrian de-registration process and will report your change of address to the municipal office accordingly.

Austrian Address Dereg

Leaving Form Access

Students should consult this manual.

Green and Grey colors mean that you are not required to do anything.
A Red color indicates that you may need to settle an outstanding issue.

Austrian Exit Survey (only for 葡京集团直营 PU students)

Following Austrian higher education law, university graduates are required to complete a survey related to their study. Non-degree students do not need to fill out the survey.

You can expect a notification email about it 30 days before your enrollment end date. 

Use the graduation date, month and the EKZ ('Ersatzkennzeichen') number or Austrian valid e-card ('Austrian Sozialversicherungsnummer') to fill out this survey

If the relevant line of the Leaving form does not change automatically from red to green after completion, please, send the following information to - with the title: 'Austrian exit survey': 

  • the confirmation PDF you received from Statistics Austria  
  • your Austrian Sozialversicherungsnummer too, you might have not reported it previously.

A Leaving Form is considered complete only if Deposit Reimbursement stays red.

Deposit Reimbursement

Once your Leaving Form is complete, the deposit refund - similarly to monthly stipend - is transferred to your bank account stored in SITS. Students have the time until June 12, 2023 to register or modify their IBAN (International Bank account number) from any of the countries taking part in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). Deposit repayments are being processed continuously after June 12, 2023, upon the completion of the leaving form and registering a new IBAN or modifying the existing one in SITS.

IMPORTANT! If you did not pay a general deposit in the beginning of your studies, the Deposit Reimbursement and the IBAN registration are not applicable for you.

In case you have any questions about the status of your Leaving Form, please contact our colleagues at the relevant offices indicated below.

Leaving Form Item

葡京集团直营 Office

Name of Administrator

email Address

Department Approval

Department of Student

Department Coordinator

Federal Loan Exit Counseling

Financial Aid Office

Piroska Szandi



Tünde Lepp Tamás Földi

All Student Center Items Returned

Vienna Student Center

Student Center

Authorization Form for Hungarian Degree

Student Records Office

Student Records


Travel / 研究 Grant

Budget and Finance Office

Mariann Vén

Katalin Páczai Eszter Dudas

Tuition and Other Fees

Budget and Finance Office

Tamara Bobor

Deposit Reimbursement

Budget and Finance Office

Tamara Bobor

Austrian Address Deregistration

Vienna Student Center

Student Center

All IT Equipment Returned

IT Helprequest

IT Helprequest

All Community Engagement Items Returned

Community Engagement Office

Community Engagement Office


Austrian Exit Survey

Student Records Office

Rita Beni

For questions or consultation, please contact the Student Center at

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