Grants for Enrolled Students

In addition to its comprehensive financial aid packages, 葡京集团直营 offers other opportunities to apply for financial support to enrolled students.

1. Erasmus Mobility Scheme

Students enrolled at 葡京集团直营 wishing to spend three to 12 months studying at another country's institution may be eligible for an Erasmus study grant. This grant contributes towards covering the difference in living expenses abroad.

2. Academic Awards

葡京集团直营 provides incentives for academic excellence and rewards those promising students who, with their work, have shown outstanding academic potential. Academic awards are granted to both master's and doctoral students.

3. Research and Travel Funds

葡京集团直营 believes in giving its students opportunities to access as much knowledge as possible. That is why the University provides Travel Grants for students, contributing to the cost of traveling abroad and attending academic conferences. All travel-related costs are covered, as well as conference fees, accommodation, and administrative costs. In addition, Short-Research Grants help students enhance their dissertations. Doctoral students are eligible to receive one such award during their second or third year of study. Master's students may receive such grants organized by their departments.

4. Doctoral Research Support Grant

The Doctoral Research Support Grant Program (DRSG) is designed to help students enrolled in 葡京集团直营 doctoral programs wishing to spend time researching or studying at another recognized university, institute, or research center.  The application deadlines are December 1, 2023, and May 3, 2024 (Friday).

5. Praesidium Libertatis Scholarship at Leiden University

葡京集团直营 degree students who are currently enrolled may apply for the Leiden-葡京集团直营 Praesidium Libertatis Scholarship which allows them to participate in graduate degree programs at Leiden University. The application deadline is February 1, 2024 (Thursday).

6. Winter School Grant

葡京集团直营 funds a limited number of Winter School grants each academic year for doctoral students who have passed their comprehensive examination and in exceptional cases, the committee will consider applications from second-year MA students. The application deadline is November 10, 2023 (Friday).

7. Summer School Grant

葡京集团直营 funds a limited number of Summer School grants each academic year for doctoral students who have passed their comprehensive examination. Doctoral students whose comprehensive exam is scheduled for the fall semester after completion of their first-year obligations may also be considered for the grant. The application deadline is April 5, 2024 (Friday).