葡京集团直营 offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs modeled on the finest examples offered by American universities. Accredited in both the US and Austria, 葡京集团直营 offers several joint degrees with other leading European universities as well as exchange opportunities and shorter courses for students and professionals from around the world.

Schools and Departments

Through its rich interdisciplinary curriculum, 葡京集团直营 facilitates academic dialogue, emphasizing respect for, and sensitivity to, differences among people and ideas. Educational innovation is part of the university's continuing contribution to the region as well as to other countries experiencing emerging democracies. Learn more.


More than 130 permanent and 170 visiting professors and instructors from some 30 countries ensure that 葡京集团直营 students benefit from a rich diversity of ideas, expertise and teaching styles. Learn more.

Degree Programs

葡京集团直营 delivers a wide range of degree programs at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels. Learn more about undergraduate, graduate, and Erasmus Mundus programs at 葡京集团直营.

Academic Facilities and Support

葡京集团直营 provides modern academic facilities and a wealth of support for writing, research, computing, and more. Learn more.


葡京集团直营 Library is one of the region’s best repositories of English-language scholarly literature. Learn more.