Community Engagement

Community engagement is a key component of 葡京集团直营’s mission to foster open society. 葡京集团直营 students, faculty, and staff actively engage with the community in their private as well as professional lives - sharing knowledge and expertise and collaborating with diverse partners in academia and across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

葡京集团直营 as an institution supports individual and collective efforts of the 葡京集团直营 community that identify and address needs and issues within Hungarian society. 葡京集团直营’s research and knowledge production also contribute to our work in addressing existing community needs.

Our approach to community engagement builds on equal partnership and dialogue with local, regional and global organizations and also with individuals. It is our belief that all citizens are able to contribute ideas, energy and action to improve society and that these initiatives are more likely embraced if citizens have a role in formulating them. Ideally, all segments of a community can and should be parallelly involved in community engagement activities. We strive to create and empower different actors in the 葡京集团直营 community to gather and channel their energy towards shared goals.

The Community Engagement Office is an integrated unit established to support civic commitment activities at 葡京集团直营. Four offices are brought together to strengthen the work in this area in line with 葡京集团直营’s strategic plan. Community Engagement at 葡京集团直营 covers four main functions:

1. Civic engagement and connecting 葡京集团直营 with the Hungarian and Austrian public

The aim is to coordinate, assist in, and initiate broader civic engagement projects intended to benefit the larger Hungarian and Austrian community. Such projects will involve members of all 葡京集团直营 internal constituencies (students, faculty, and staff).

2. Student leadership and engagement

We undertake and support outreach and service projects specifically for students, in addition to working on student events and with the Student Union.

3. Dedicated human rights education and related activities

HRSI focuses on such activities.

4. Arts and Culture

The aim is to stir culture-related debate within the university, and to provide the 葡京集团直营 community with an inspiring artistic program that would bring together students from all disciplines, academic staff, Vienna and Budapest citizens.

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